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By Ian Sidgwick. T

Nicky Beckitt-Robson

is a singer/songwriter from Teesside.

 who showed a keen interest in music from an early age.  As a toddler she would play along to the 60’s music her parents played. She used a footstool as her make-do drumkit and played upon the ukulele her parents bought her. A guitar would have been far too big as she was only little. Some would say “A guitar still looks a bit big now”!

At the age of 9 she got a full-sized guitar and received a few lessons off her school teacher. It was during this learning period, she used the new chords that she learnt to create her own songs.

It wasn’t until she went to Music College that the thought of music as a career instead of just a hobby was realised. Becoming musical director for the college’s theatre group expanded her musical knowledge and study of composition.

Travelling the length and breadth of the UK, playing in pubs, clubs and theatres with different bands over the years has refined her performance skills.

Now she has created alongside producer Ian Sidgwick (Big in heaven music), an album of her favourite original songs.


I hope you enjoy my album “PUSH OFF CREEP” available now to download or CD.

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